What to pack for a surf trip

Photo by Kori Hahn

We all get super excited packing for our next surf trip. So sometimes we forget things quickly. First of all it’s important to know where you’re going. It’s not really helpful to have cold water wax with you when you wanna surf warm water waves. I will give you a list with all those super important things you should not forget to bring on your surf trip. Let’s say you go somewhere tropic, just nicer to think of warm crystal clear water and white sand beaches than cold and grey surf destinations hahaha.

  1. First of all you need a good Surfboard bag. One, which holds your board just, right and protects it with all the special needs. Is always good to have some extra space for towels etc. so best to buy it a bit bigger than normally.
  2. Sunscreen! Sooo important. To get a really good sunscreen for surfing in tropical water is the most important part. Sunscreen is super expensive in other countries so better you take enough with you. Look for high quality ones and may pay a higher price, but its totally worth it. Also consider taking Zink cream with you for face sunblock.
  3. Reef booties and some stack of the right wax! You never know if there is a surf shop around where you traveling so better to have some stock with you.
  4. Traveling to the tropics can be adventures so you should bring some mosquito repellant! Bring one you can use during the day and the night. Because specially in those hot humid areas there are many different dangerous mosquitos and you really don’t wanna hang out in the hospital during your surf trip.
  5. Ding repair kit. If you traveling somewhere away from civilization then you better prepare yourself right. Surfing sharp reefs or rocky spots sets the risk higher to ding your board. So better to be able to repair it straight away to not miss one session.
  6. Extra fins and leashes. Same reason like above. If you surf somewhere remote you wont find quickly a new leash or new fins. And when the waves pumping outer reef you don’t want to sit on the beach only because you don’t have a spare set of fins.
  7. Meds also really important for a surf trip. It’s always good to have a small variety of medications in your bag. To clean reef cuts or to cure a bad hangover.
  8. Camera/GoPro and Music player. First one to document your epic barrels and second to have entertainment during flight layovers, lack of swell or just a relaxed evening.
  9. Bikinis! Take many bikinis with you! You never can have enough of bikinis with you. To change after surf, to hang out at the beach, if one rips during surfing so on. Its always good to have some extra with you and really who doesn’t wanna have some selection 😉
  10. Not only Swimwear is a must but warmer clothes too. When you hop on a boat or going on a mountain excursion then its good to have a hoodie with you and long pants. Good strong shoes are also helpful but sneakers usually working fine too.


There are for sure some more things but those here listed are the most important things to think of when you pack for a surf trip. The best is to make a check list and tick all the points off then you’re sure you wont forget anything.

We wish you an epic trip with many beautiful waves and lots of adventure!

Aloha Lisa

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