Gule Akmans way to Sumbawa

Aloha girls,

Today Gule shares her story about her way to Sumbawa another beautiful paradise island in Indonesia. We were super stocked to read and feel her experiences. Feel the stoke and share it!

My trip to Sumbawa

Tuesday night, I’m about to leave at 3am in the morning. Tired but happy, finally I get to go on this road trip, I had been trying to get on it for a while but something was always getting in the way. Ready now, all packed, I jump on the bike, drive 300m and the rain starts. The rain that has been seriously hardcore absent even though we been in rainy season for a while. Well well, I drive back to the house and thinking of waiting it out.. But it kept on for hours and I feel asleep thinking tomorrow is another day and try.

Next night comes and a new try, get up and get ready, do my own little ceremony for a safe and smooth journey and off I go. All going by plans, up to Padag bai where I jump on the ferry to Lombok, cross Lombok on the bike, then boat over to Sumbawa and then off again on the bike to the first spot.


It went pretty smooth finding it, drive up to the place and there was no one around besides my friends running the place. A two-bungalow site, well this was going to be a blast! Get a sunset from the heavens and then we share a nice simple dinner, rice, grilled fish and sambal, as good as it can get.


The coming days were spent in the water, was lucky enough to get some empty ones, for some sessions had the waves completely to myself, beautiful and so rare and oh how much that has been missed. ( In between catching waves, paddling, getting one and other, I thought of sharks which always happens when alone in water but figures hey if anything happens at least I will go down as one happy one. So instead I enjoy and lucky me, no sharks but heaps of waves.


The nature of Sumbawa is truly mind-blowing, all along the roads, on one side the mountains and its volcano’s and on the other side, the oceans. Love it, so pretty it almost hurts the eyes.



After some days in this mind-blowing site, time to head to next spot, for some reason that place has a special part in my heart. The simplicity of the life there has big parts of it, wake up in the morning, out check waves, decide whether to jump in or have breakie and so the days pass along. Eating, surfing, chatting with old and new friends, reading books, sometimes out for a little bike adventure, finding a new spot, a new beach and yeah, simplicity at its finest.


Jump on the bike again and this time the drive took way longer then excepted, everything from a closed bridge that lead to driving around somewhat lost, taking some long food breaks thinking hey no stress I got heaps of time to staying longer then needed at the mechanics chatting away, they have become some of my favorite people on these islands but well then sunset started coming and I pressed on the gas. Finally arrived in time for dinner.




And now here in Lakey, the days are spent surfing, chilling, slowly getting back into daily meditation again and yeah just enjoying!Sumbawa is definitely a breath of fresh air, for some reason it always feels like I can breath properly here, who knows is it because the air here is fresher, the waves are better, the atmosphere is calmer or the people are different, well the answer is probably a mix of all, either or doesn’t really matter, what matter is that it is doing its trick.. I Love it



When you have the time I can only recommend to take the roads when traveling to Sumbawa, yes it takes longer to get to the destinations but well worth it, you really get a chance to see the islands properly, to see the villages and inlands, and with making some stops on the way well yeah that means even more adventures along the journey.

Cheers Gule




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