The best sunscreen for surfer

Aloha Girls

Today i wanna check in on sunscreen with you because it’s so important to protect your skin form the sun when you surf all day long. Probably all of you went through testing and searching the best sunscreen. It’s a tough mission! But here is some good stuff to protect your skin while you scoring some waves.

For your face there is one secret sunscreen weapon. Pro surfers like Kassia Meador or Sage Erickson loves the Shiseido Sun Block Stick SPF 35: “It’s super-thick and stays on forever.”

Shiseido sunblock stick

Really important is that you reapply the sunscreen or block and find the right one for your skin type. If you have oily skin then you want a product that’s not gonna be greasy and block your pores. You want something like Suntivity SPF 50+ Ultra-light Lotion


When you have normal to dry skin then a lotion is perfect for you. The Suntivity SPF 30 Liposomal Spray is easy to apply, free from parabens and fragrances and has a regenerating care with aloe vera & vitamin E. I personally love this spray because its really super easy to apply over the whole body and it sticks with you in the water.


So check out those products and leave me a comment if you can recommend some good sunscreen!


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