Surfer hair – How to care for your hair

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Aloha surfer babes!

Today I wanna talk about some very important issue with you…our hair. This is such a widely discussed topic and so many different opinions are out there on how to care in the right way for your surfer’s hair.

When I started surfing a couple of years ago I never really had problems with my hair. In fact, I did almost everything with them, bleaching or changing colours multiple times in less than half a year hahaha crazy times. Being in the salt water almost every day and having the impact of the sun changed the game completely for me. Nowadays I really have to care about them, otherwise, they look dull and more like a lion mane than like the dream surfer hair. Therefore I have researched a little bit and asked all of my surfer girlfriends for their experience to get the best advice together for you.

Homemade hair masks for damaged hair

Banana, honey and oil mask

First of all this hair mask easily repairs dry hair by hydrating them naturally. Twice a week application will bring you unbelievably soft, moist and glossy hair. The necessary ingredients include a banana, an egg, three tablespoons of milk, three tablespoons of honey and five tablespoons of virgin olive or coconut oil.

Blend them until banana is perfectly smooth and apply on your dry hair. Put on a shower cap after folding your hair and get yourself some snacks and the newest surfer girl mag while waiting for fifteen to thirty minutes. Then wash your hair using a mild and gentle shampoo.

Avocado and oil mask

Avocados, the perfect moisturiser when combined with virgin olive or coconut oil has exceptional healing power for damaged hair. Mash a ripped avocado and mix it with two tablespoons of virgin olive/coconut oil to form a thick paste. Section your dry hair and start applying the mask from lower head sections and move towards the upper sections especially relevant is to remember to avoid applying the mask to the scalp.

After applying the mask, cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap it in a towel. Sit back on your sofa and watch an episode of your favourite series, after waiting for thirty to forty-five minutes rinse your hair and wash it with a gentle shampoo.

Pure honey mask

If you have fragile and deeply damaged hair that tends to break easily than this mask will be your next favourite beauty treatment. Get some raw honey at your local organic market, that honey is the most powerful weapon for everything like damaged hair, fighting the flu, brittle nails or skin problems.

Just apply some raw honey on your frizzy hair and cover it with a shower cap or wrap it in a towel. Wait for about thirty minutes and rinse your hair then with warm water. After the honey is washed out you can wash your hair with some gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Pre- and post-surfer hair treatment

To protect your hair from sun and salt water damage you not only can care about it with masks or good shampoo and conditioner. No best is to put something in before and after surfing/rinsing with sweet water because let’s be real we ain’t have time every day to nurture our hair with homemade masks. The best of the best post-surf treatment for me is Moroccan argan oil, it is rich in natural vitamin E and super-charged antioxidants (*). This special oil will make your hair gorgeous no matter how long you are staying in the sun or salt water. To protect your hair during the surf you simply apply some coconut oil this will close your hair cells and reduce the protein loss (*).

So love your mane every day a little and here and there a full service and you will look gorgeous in and out the water!

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Mahalo Lisa


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