Merle Wedekind Koa babe

photo by Koa babe Charlotte Pieper

 Interview with Merle Wedekind



Name: Merle Wedekind aka. Mayla

Age: 26

Home: Ocean

Living: Bali

Loving: nature and sports

Listening: to my heartbeat

Surfboards: 6.0 Shortboard

Fav Food: Fruits and Chocolate

Fav Surf Spot: peeling right handers in warm water

Bucket list:

  1. have more boards than the hair on my head (actually not so hard…)
  2. surfing in Norway and Alaska in a Koa Bikini
  3. to experience to be a citizen of a prison (crime: ripping too hard haha)
A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Hey Mate, don’t take stuff too serious. Chillex because everything is possible as long as you are sure of yourself.

If you win the lottery tomorrow, what would you first do?

Who needs money for being happy? Well, I guess I need it. I would buy a big house by the ocean and invite all my fav surfer girls to live with me. We surf our brains out, cook healthy food, doing artworks, yoga and making plans on how to make the world a better place.

You’re going on a sick surf trip with all your best friends. Where would it be and what would you bring?

I don’t care where this trip would go, as long as my surfer girls would be with me in the lineup. But I prefer to surf somewhere warm, so I could bring a huge hammock for each of us. After surf, we can all just nap and cuddle together.

What is the funniest thing happened to you recently?

Actually more tragic than funny… But I took my stuff from Bali to Barcelona, 35 Kilos with Qatar Airlines. From Barcelona, I went by car to Hossegor with all my stuff. Then I fly from Bordeaux to Berlin with 7 Kilo hand luggage. On the last day, I just realized that I had no plan what to do with the other 28 Kilos… So I just split all my belongings into 3 different cars to Munich, Cologne and Berlin. My whole life was distributed in Germany. Still, until now, I didn’t get my life together.

What would you advise to your grandchildren when your 80years old?

Don’t pay into a pension. How can you enjoy the moment if you constantly just worrying about the future.


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