Charlotte Pieper Koa babe

Interview with Charlotte Pieper


Lotta aka Lotta_and_the_waves




berlin kiddo with northern touch


on the run atm


floating in endless green & blue


Classic Rock, Punkrock, Rockabilly, Psych surf


5’11 Single/Quad Egg, 6’4 Funshape, 6’6 shortboard

Fav food:

nasi campur pedas dan satu kelapa muda

Fav surf spots:

Bali: Green Bowl, Dreamland

Philippines: Cemetery, Salvacion

Canary Islands: Famara

Bucket list points:

there is a long list on my page you can check if you’re having a lazy sunday

Stuff you really wanna do before you die:

take surf photos in tahiti
Vintage Boat trip through rain forest on Amazon
diving with sharks

A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say?

„I got your favorite mezcal & the bank is robbed too – now get into the car, we have to catch a flight to mexico!”

If you win the lottery tomorrow, what would you first do?

Probably buying tickets somewhere for me and my beloved ones. But no worries, that will be pretty quick and after I have time to save the world.

You’re going on a sick surf trip with all your best friends. Where would it be and what would you bring?

Boat tripping around Fiji a la Hunter S. Thompson.
What I would bring explains oneself – my camera, my waterhousing, my fins, my board, my koa bikini!

What is the funniest thing happened to you?

getting robbed by a bunch of monkeys in Kuala Lumpur; Deo Spray, Pain Killer, Food etc, all critically tested by them in front of laughing western tourists & photo taking asians.

What would you advise to your grandchildren when your 80years old?

if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try!

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