Eco-friendly surf products

Eco-friendly surf products

We believe it’s getting more and more important to check what you are buying and the impact on nature these products have. That’s why we listed some of our favorite brands and products below for you to choose sustainable and eco-friendly products for your next surf!


Moss Research Surfboards

Their passion is to fulfill the imaginative headspace of individual wave riders in the form of unique and functional craft. They are dedicated to making it a sustainable practice. Their ongoing commitment is to research and implement alternative materials that minimize environmental and human impact while improving the performance and longevity of our equipment. With an open-minded approach, their passion is to push the limits of design while remaining at the forefront of the sustainable surfing movement.


Ashley Lloyd Surfboards

the desire to make surfboards with less of an environmental footprint as well as less toxicity to the makers, Ashley and husband/music partner, Alex Thompson decided to switch over from using conventional polyester resin. Alex is now glassing their boards in-house, naming the glassing side of their factory “Greennest Glassing”, glassing boards with a bio-based epoxy resin made by Entropy Resins. PU foam is used, as well as the option of post-consumer EPS. With great appreciation for traditional longboard surfing, it has been paramount for the Thompsons to achieve a classic feel and glide while treading lighter on the environment.

Driftwood Surfboards

Set up in 2009 by shaper, designer and artist David Forsyth, Driftwood Surfboards makes performance surfboards out of wood, either reclaimed or harvested from sustainable sources. Driftwood hollow wooden surfboards pay homage to the classic wooden wave craft of yesteryear, but they are light years ahead in terms of design, structure and usability…not to mention beauty. Our company was born out of the belief that there is always an alternative. In this case, an alternative to the foam-cored surfboard. By building surfboards out of materials that do less damage to the planet and surf well, Driftwood aims to show surfers that they do have a choice.

Welcome to Driftwood Surfboards

More eco-friendly surfboard manufacturer here

5 Ocean fins

The eco-friednly Fin is the first sustainable surfboard fin – turning ocean waste into performance surf gear. By using recycled plastic from Bali and reinforcing it with fibre glass they meet the standards of modern surfing. The two passionate founders, Felix Wunner and Luise Grossmann are trying to make a difference!

Five Oceans

Slater designs traction pad

Slater Designs collaborated with BLOOM Foam to develop the most eco-friendly traction pad on the market today.

BLOOM is a high-performance flexible foam made from algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world. The BLOOM Foam process:

• Helps improve the quality of waterways by removing excess algae that harms plants, animals, and people who rely on the ecosystem for survival.

• Recirculates fresh water back into the habitat.

• Aids CO2 capture and sequestration. We’re literally scraping pond scum, solar drying, and pulverizing it before foaming the material to create a pad that helps re balance the natural ecology, and reduces our dependence on non-renewable oil.

Through this patented algae-technology, we have created a product with increased durability, improved shock absorption and reduced weight over conventional foams.

The packaging is made with post-consumer backing, soy-based inks and a biodegradable wrapping.

By choosing this traction, you are helping make the world a cleaner place.

Revolwe eco-friendly surf leash

Only ≈5% of plastics are recycled effectively, ≈40% ends up in landfills and ≈33% ends up in our oceans.
That is 8 million tonnes of plastic leaking out in the oceans every year, killing the marine life and polluting the waves we love!
That is why they want to create the best surf products for both you as a surfer and the environment, without sacrificing performance. MATERIALS

They’re reducing the CO2 emitted in the polymer manufacturing process by up to ~80% compared to conventional neoprene!

They’re using polyester made from certified post-consumer PET bottles in the products. Every 500 gram of recycled polyester yarn used in the products reduces raw material usage and energy consumption by 61000 BTU’s. This is equivalent of 2 liters of gasoline.

Mantunas organic surfwax

Matunas is an organic surf wax from a 25 acre farm in Santa Cruz, California, since 1998. Matunas is not a soy wax, and they use ingredients that they grow on their farm. Everything they use is 100% natural. The fragrances are from real strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine flowers. They have created a product that works superior to the other paraffin and chemical waxes out there in the market. The wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and the wrappers are printed with recycled ink on 100% recycled paper.

Pandan Bali surfboardbags, yoga mats and cases

A cooperative of local families and weavers.

All of our products are handmade in Uluwatu Bali using native “pandan” leaves. Pandan has been cut, dried, and woven by local families for centuries. This traditional weave is an excellent alternative to modern plastics and other non-biodegradables. Bring this time tested tradition into your life and help support this sustainable practice.

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