Lisa Neulinger
Founder & CEO

The creative head of Koa clothing. Doing everything possible to create some rad products for you!

Merle Wedekind
Koa Babe

She’s just ripping!!! Merle is the impersonal mermaid livin the dream in Indonesia and Europe. Competing, surfing every day and livin a healthy lifestyle she is one of the Koa babes who was with us from the beginning. Another reason to love her even more 😉

Nanette Zwick
Koa Babe

Nanette is one of the happiest persons I’ve met in my life so far. She is always buzzing around full of energy and ideas. She spreads love and empathy wherever she goes and whatever she does. It is always so much fun in the water or on land, discovering and creating with her. Dive in her Instagram account to mind travel and to get your dose of happiness.

Lynn Theisen
Koa babe

Koa babe Lynn is travelling the world and surfing every wave she’s discovering on her way. Always up for a party, adventure or just a relaxed hang with lots of laughter. We love her, are super stoked to have her on the team and excited for the next adventure! Check out her Instagram and give her some love!

Charlotte Pieper
Koa babe

The newest Koa babe is an amazin water photographer and a total sea gipsy. Whatever she does she’s passionate about it and most happy in the saltwater. We’re super stoked to have her on board and very excited what is yet to come. Stay tuned and check Instagram and give her a follow.

Gule Akman

Koa friend

This girl just rocks! She is inspiring in every aspect of life. When she is not out in the ocean charging waves then she’s working on different social good projects!

Inga Panten

Koa friend

Inga is such an inspiring person and has an open heart. She loves the sea, surfing waves, traveling remote places and is documenting about it on her blog. You should really check it out!