Niau swimsuit - makani print


The uniqueness and timelessness designs of Koa clothing are very important to us. Creating something you will want to wear every day for the next years is the most fun and challenging part of the design process. Every little piece is in some kind different to another and so we provide for each customer his or her very own piece of art.

Lani surfbikini - ola kai print


We are working very closely together with a small factory in Bali. We care about the relationship and are treating everybody with the same respect. We only work with high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable materials. For the future, we are planing to take things to the next level, producing only with best quality Gütermann yarns, dying our fabrics with eco-friendly dyes and using sustainable packaging.

Koa T-shirt - Coral print black/white


For us, it is super important to produce with a low impact on nature. Therefore we choose carefully where the materials and fabrics are coming from and how they are further processed. Right now we are using mainly organic, sustainable natural materials because they are renewable resources. For our next surf and swimwear production, we are using recycled Lycra from Italy and are super stoked about it.

Koa t-shirt - Logo black/white - Logo white/black


We want to produce a product you will love and wear for a long time. We only work with longlasting and sustainable materials and accessoires. We take an active part to work together with local organizations to help keep the ocean and beaches clean. Furthermore, we donate 5% of our profits to ocean & reef preservation programs.